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Follow Me

Beautiful boy

Will you follow me

down rivers to the sea?

Will you join my purest heart

upon the shore?

Upon the shore;

where my soul soars

out with the tides.

The waves are slowly rocking,

rocking me and rocking you


so gently,

in the night.


the sea is slowly pulsing

beneath our skin,

under blankets

in the night.

In the morning, darling,

will you dance with me

just once upon the coast?

We can leave our bodies swaying

in the breeze.

If I write your words down

word for word

Will I ever hear your voice

When you have gone?

And If I write and write

and write write write

Will I ever catch

the colour of your eyes?

I’ll look for it

in passing clouds

of stormy skies

and every crashing wave

upon the shore.


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