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Hello Beetle

For my mother

Hello Beetle,

look at you,

walking slowly through the afternoon;

the ants around you hurry by,

while you appear to pay no mind;

steadily, upon your path,

where do you head so surely?

Step by step

by step by step,

your confidence is clear;

and I can tell that know very much

that you choose not to share.

Hello Beetle,

look at you,

the leaf across your path could fit

inside my monstrous hand.

But still you are the stronger one,

for you push through it none the less;

and I feel only monstrous,

living life in macro,

missing many tiny things.

But you still touch my finger

and we share a subtle moment,

but you will not share your wisdom,

for you must be on your way.

Beetle, where are you going?

Beetle, what is on your mind?


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