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The sky calls me to hilltops

or maybe just reflects the call

burst forth inside my own heart;

pounding like a drum,

writhing until it finds its way

through my arteries and through my skin

and out into air.

I want to drink the entire sky!

Uncultivated and unbounded,

and hold within myself

the power of its depth

for one moment of immensity!

Its vastness pours in through my throat,

trying to fit inside my chest,

swelling and trembling and

streaming back out through the spaces

between my ribs

forcing them apart, widening

opening like spreading wings

like dilating eyes

setting free my soul;

the Earth breathes deeply

and I am listening.

Listening for the wild and thundering

heart of life,

pumping the gift of sacred light

in everlasting circulation, undulating

on a forever shifting course;

fleetingly passing

through all ephemeral bodies;

incandescent beneath the surface,

undying under fading skin;

coursing through all the Earth’s veins

and deepest arteries

and flooding my own, all aglow,

which carry the boundless sky

from my lungs

to the furthest reaches of my fingertips

and the earthbound soles of my feet.


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