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The tide is seeping slowly out,

with the shifting pull of celestial bodies

tracing circles through the dark.

Let the waves of our breath upon oceans roll

and so carry us out to sea;

to find what lies between the water and the sky.

Should we get lost, our branching nerves

will map our way past crumbling stars;

with sails set,

we wait upon the docks.

Us two,

behind our sealed skin

that relays out and relays in

yet tries to grasp what lies across

that infinite recession,

vast and undefined;

we find

we can not take our ship there,

We must leave it all behind there.

breathe deep into the asymptote

and watch it fade away.

We exist,

us two,

within the infinite

and through our pores

the water meets the sky here

the water is the sky here


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