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My Eyes are Open Wide

My eyes are open WIDE

Wide enough to let in all the stars.

Running like little sparks in pairs

along my optic nerves,

quietly twinkling,

flickering electricity;

Dear artists, paint a picture!

try honestly to capture

this idea,

as if you could fit

all the nebulous depths

of this night

inside my visual cortex.





I welcome the overflow!

All the starlight spills out,

pooling at the base of my skull;

swirling, nebulous;

cool and silky

celestial calm.

The milky way flows

through my foramen magnum,

slowly and softly,

so softly,

and vertebra

by vertebra,

trickles down

my spinal chord

and along 31 pairs

of peripheral spinal nerves;

branching and reaching out and

gently caressing my ribs, cool

against the underside

of my skin.

It seeps back out through my pores,

and carries

the weight of troubled thoughts


All is flowing,

Flowing in

Flowing out

Cleansing my soul;

my body is light as air.


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