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The springtime breeze blows soft again,

but these cedars still remember

the biting cold of howling winds

under moonlight in December.


I saw in your face

all the light of springtime shining;

under willows by the stream

your mother swam in as a child.

Back then, we smiled like

the universe was made for us;

so we could be there,

babbling poetry

that tried to catch the light inside our eyes.

But I knew that if I left you there

at the ending of the summer,

your name would fade with fading leaves

into the passing of a season.

So I left with the wandering leaves,

your voice upon the wind;

that gently carried my name

to the sea.

I cast my love upon the coast

where the ocean opened wide, and there

before my eyes

swallowed your name.

I watched those waves every day

through that winter.

Sometimes I may still glimpse your face

At the changing of the seasons;

And I may remember, for one moment

the colour of your eyes.

Never did those winter waves

bring back to shore your name,

but someday

it may return to me

on a breeze through springtime willows.


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