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Star Pool

The dusk is mauve and laden with

The sweetest scent of evening blooms

Of pearly white and palest blues

Like sisters to the stars.

They too will fade in dawn’s embrace;

All dying light, with dying grace,

Above a pool of sorrow laced

With stars that shine as far away

Above as deep below.

Beyond the reach of earthy flesh,

In darkest luminous caress,

Through the velvet watery calm,

Like starry jewels upon a crown;

Their light shines softly all around

Her gentle face and pale hands,

And in her hair in pearly strands.

Bathed in streaming radiance,

Her eyes hold all the depths of night

Where all the stars are glistening.

She waits in stillness, listening

To drifting notes of distant song,

In chords she’s never heard before;

Like softest mauve, this ballad tells

A fading dream at morning’s bells:

A parting at a garden gate,

And down a path through evening blooms

To a pool of distant stars.


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