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The Lantern Bearer

The moon has chosen you

to be the lantern bearer

into the darkness of these lonely winter months.

Walk down to the coastline

and she will meet you at the water’s edge.


you will follow the path.

So hold your fear gently,

and stroke it to sleep.

It wants to protect you,

but you must do this on your own.


Open your heart

to this seafull of stars

as they rain down from the heavens

to dance on the waves;

you’re invited

to dance with them until you sleep.


Set out singing!

Set out laughing!

Set out with the heart of a gentle warrior

and you will know the way,

if you remember:

The path does not belong to you

but your footsteps are your own.


your light is boundless

if you let the sun, the moon and and all the stars

shine through your heart.


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