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I am no stranger to sadness.

The emptiness my body harbours

will not be sated;

I will consume the world to fill it up,

and the weight of it will pull me out of time.

No matter where I live, those lurking ones

will follow me and find me

in the night.

(I came here because I thought

that I might find you.)

I am a fool.

In solitude, in sunlight,

I watch this hollow landscape;

snapshots of all the things that could have been,

all of them doomed.

I remember when they said

that everything would heal,

and every loss would fill itself back in.

Now I can see

the world is full of holes.

I never thought it would be like this.

I thought

that you would be here with me.

I thought that you would save me.

I do not know how or when

I let myself become this.

I don’t remember deciding

that I would let my life fall to pieces

but here I am,

watching the shreds of it

drift beside the coast.

In the end it’s just me

and my ghosts.


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